About CIOT


Lightweight, High Speed, Low-power Cryptography PKI Expert “CIOT Inc”




CIOT is a security company with more than 20 years of field experience, consisting of cryptography and authentication experts and hardware experts.

The security issues of many small endpoint devices and sensors are becoming interconnected and remotely accessible through multiple methods of communication, affecting overall system security. 

So CIOT provides the hardware-based low-power, high-speed, lightweight security technologies to ensure that security functions work reliably and overcome physical limitation the which is large numbers of Endpoint has; low-specification processors, limited implementations and resources.

CIOT's hardware-based technology ensures operational reliability, along with enhanced security of the entire system with verifying  firmware integrity, controlling unauthorized access, high speed encryption and storing physically separated storage of Endpoint devices.

It also provides the common hardware and software security service interface to help Endpoint manufacturers apply security easily without security background and implement their system in a short time and at a low cost. 

Through CIOT's hybrid security which is combined with hardware-based and software-based technology, we hope that it makes our customer's systems, wide range of endpoint devices and associated services more efficiently be secure and reliable environment.



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