IoT Security Education Service



IoT Security Education Service

  • The Internet of Things is already changing our life in many ways.
  • So many company are try to adapt these change to their application and service. 
  • For them, CIOT's IoT security education course help them to easily understanding IoT and IoT security. We provide development environment and practice of developing application services using the open hardware platform Raspberry Pi, various sensors, and hardware security module.
  • Specially, our practice training course using hardware-based training can help you to understand real IoT.  Through these program, CIOT would like to contribute to revitalizing the IoT industry, creating new markets, and creating jobs.



  • Education + Practice package program using hardware
    • Open hardware platform : Rasberrypi Raspbian OS
    • Motion detector, Camera, buzzer etc 



Security module

Sample source

Online Classes
(Security theory)


Mini project





  • Course
Course Basic Advanced Application
Pre course
  • Basic security theory
  • Encrypt/Decrypt
  • Random number Generation
  • Hash
  • Advanced security theory 1
  • Wireless network
  • IoT Platform
  • Advanced security theory 2
  • Smart city & application
  • Set up development condition
  • Understanding Hardware security
  • Practice Basic Security of sensor/actuator
  • Practice of IoT platform security
  • Practice of application security
  • Mini project 
  • Mini project using IoT platform
  • Smart city application project 
  • Video + Sample code + educational materials 



  • On-line
  • Off-line
    • Seminar : we provides education and practice classes on IoT security technologies for the general public, developers, and students in various fields.
    • University Program : we support vocational training program or university start-up challenge program for student and professor 
    • Private education Program : we also provide customizing class as customer needs




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