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Firmware OTA Security Solution

  • Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology is that remotely updates its new firmware of end point devices and sensors through wireless network. 
  • Since hardware release, firmware installed and operated on devices is commonly updated by device manufacturers for bugs and security patches and updating new features etc.
  • Recently, because of FOTA's efficiency and convenience, many end point devices that supporting wireless communication such as wifi and LWM2M have been using FOTA technology.
  • FOTA system should be operating under guaranteeing their firmware integrity and managing firmware status. 
  • CIOT's firmware OTA security solution provides total FOTA security and management for wireless environments from FOTA service servers to devices without worries about forgery risk.



CIOT Firmware OTA Security Solution




  • Device Enrollment and Management  : management and monitoring of target device and firmware
  • Firmware Upload and Management : upload updated firmware, notice/announcement  firmware update, check firmware update result 
  • Customizing Security Interface(Packer/Unpacker) for wireless network : support secure firmware slicing function(Block chain way) up to wireless network specification. ex) LTE cat M.1, CAN 
  • Secure Booting  based on Hardware Security Module : check of firmware integrity



Use Case

  • Vehicle data collecting device firmware update





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